I'm an award winning blogger and author of contemporary fiction. My writing career kicked off when my weekly blog about working in my parents' eccentric chandelier shop was spotted by Salt Publishing. They asked me to develop the blog into a book, which lead to my début, Shop Girl Diaries.


    At the same time, I was approached by a TV director, Chloe Thomas, to write a pilot for a sitcom. It was my first experience of writing a script and I was thrilled when the resulting short film Shopgirl Blog, starring Katie Wix (Miranda) and Annette Badland (Cutting it), was selected for The London Short Film Festival 2011.


    After the blog's success I began running social media workshops in London and released my Blogging for Beginners guidebook. I've since spoken at literary festivals, self-publishing conferences and universities. My articles have been published in several magazines including Publishing Talk, Mslexia, Litro and Writers & Artists.


    My second novel also began its life online. I published my romantic comedy Spray Painted Bananas (later renamed The Temp) two chapters per week on the story platform, Wattpad. It was well received, racking up over a million visits before I'd finished. Thanks to its success I signed with Laura Longrigg at MBA literary agency and later got a contract with Harper Collins. I wrote about my Wattpad success story for Publishing Talk.

    My latest contemporary novel, #PleaseRetweet, is a comedy about our obsession with social media and follows the story of May Sparks, the voice behind a number of misbehaving celebrities' Twitter accounts.


    I'm half Welsh, half Spanish but was born in London. I moved to Barcelona when I was 13 and spent my teenage years there. Though I moved back to London again to study when I left school, I never really gave up my idea of returning to Spain. My secret pleasure was watching the daytime TV show A Place in the Sun. I couldn't help feeling disconcerted that the contestants were always retired. I didn't want to wait until I was 65 to move - I wanted that outdoor lifestyle now!


    Last year my husband and I decided to move to Mallorca. We made the decision after only having visited the island once. In three months we sold all our bulky belongings, wedding dress included, and off we went! It's one of the best decisions we've ever made. My job with SeeMallorca magazine has led me to do lots of exploring and I've fallen in love with it. My next two novels are set in Mallorca... and I can't wait to share them with you!


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